Profit with Purpose: The Compelling Case for Investing in Affordable Housing

The demand for affordable housing has reached unprecedented levels, leading to various initiatives and incentives from governments at different levels to address the issue. However, despite these efforts, the demand continues to intensify, prompting large institutional investors like Goldman Sachs’ and Nuveen to expand their affordable housing portfolios. On this CamaPlan webinar GSP REI Co-Founder’s Ron Lockhart and Peter discuss the four main reasons why institutional investors are acquiring more affordable housing:

1. Rising nationwide demand

2. Favorable yield throughout economic cycles, including recessions

3. Government subsidies provide support

4. Alignment with public and private social impact investing goals

Investing in affordable housing is not limited to large institutional investors. There are active and passive opportunities for accredited and non-accredited investors to participate as well. By leveraging the compelling reasons mentioned above, investors can also make a meaningful social impact while generating favorable returns. Affordable housing investments allow individuals to contribute to addressing the housing crisis while potentially benefiting financially from a market with high demand and limited supply. On the webinar, we will also discuss ways you can start investing in affordable housing, and why now is the perfect time to add this resilient asset class to your portfolio.