We are vertically integrated, real estate investment managers, owners, and operators. Our Management Team has over 80 years of combined real estate investing experience and have raised, acquired, developed, redeveloped and managed over $500 million of real estate and real estate backed assets over their respective careers. We have experienced first hand the booming economy of the mid to late 1990’s and faced head on and overcame challenges during and after the 2008 recession. Our past experience plays a huge role in shaping our current workforce and affordable housing investment strategy.

Ron Lockhart

Ron Lockhart

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ron Lockhart is the Co-Founder of GSP REI and serves as one of the Company's Managing Partners. His chief responsibilities include strategic planning and oversight of the company’s vision. Mr. Lockhart oversees and works to streamline the company’s operations in both real property and mortgage acquisitions, as well as project and property management.

Mr. Lockhart brings over 20 years of combined real estate investing experience to the company. Prior to founding GSP REI, Mr. Lockhart was President of LaSalle Properties One a regional real estate consulting firm that focused on assisting companies and institutions with the execution of their real estate acquisition, development, management and finance goals. While at LaSalle Properties One, Mr. Lockhart developed an end to end in house solution for clients that included planning, construction, asset and property management. One of LaSalle Properties One’s key initiatives was to invest alongside its clients in growth areas where there was an under supply of rental housing. Prior to LaSalle Properties One, Mr. Lockhart founded Lockhart Building and Investment Company which specialized in the construction and redevelopment of real estate in the Mid-Atlantic region. Mr. Lockhart has been directly involved with the investment, development and construction of single family, multifamily and mixed use real estate since graduating from Washington College in 1996.

Mr. Lockhart and his family are avid dog lovers and personally own two German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP's) Bodhi and Utah.

Peter Neill

Co-Founder & Partner

Peter Neill is the Co-Founder of GSP REI. Peter plays an active role in the management of the company and its various fund offerings. He works closely with the company’s Managing Partner overseeing all aspects of the business from acquisitions to construction and property management. He is chiefly responsible for the company’s Investor Relations, fulfilling the company’s capital raising goals by communicating and marketing the company’s private fund offerings and maintaining key relationships with the company's investors.

Mr. Neill began his real estate career working in marketing and sales at a distressed mortgage investment company. This gave him the ability to learn all aspects of the distressed mortgage business. He quickly transitioned into Investor Relations and raising private capital for private fund offerings. He managed the process of raising over $80MM for six fund offerings.

Peter actively maintains a real estate salesperson license in the state of Pennsylvania. His license is held with Swope Lees Commercial Real Estate. He is experienced in all aspects of Multi-Family, Industrial, Retail, Office, and Commercial Real Estate underwriting, acquisitions, leasing, and disposition.

Mr. Neill is a graduate of Temple University.

Wade Carrol

Wade Carroll


In this role, Mr. Carroll manages the entire note purchasing cycle including acquisitions, loan workouts and modifications, foreclosure and disposition and pricing. Mr. Carroll maintains key relationships with a network of Government Sponsored Enterprises, Financial Institutions, trade desk and other note and REO sellers.

Mr. Carroll is the President of Anders Capital Group, LLC - a real estate investment firm created to assist non-profit housing organizations efficiently and profitably navigate the non-profit opportunities offered through Fannie Mae, HUD/FHA, and CRA programs. Anders works side by side with non-profits, raising capital, underwriting acquisitions, and developing income producing business. The company currently has around $60MM of institutional, family office and private money under management. Prior to Anders Capital Group, Mr. Carroll served as Executive Vice President and co-founder of BridgeBilt, a San Diego based Real Estate Company. Mr. Carroll worked with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) to assist non- profit organizations acquire, renovate and sell REO assets. Through his work, BridgeBilt became the first for-profit strategic partner of the NCST, acquiring and stabilizing 700 single family homes in seven states.

Mr. Carroll helped pilot the first "Non-Profit Only" non-performing note transaction through HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Outcome (NSO) program. The purpose of this pilot was to offer mission minded organizations a means by which they can impact local communities by acquiring and stabilizing non-performing assets. Since this initial pilot, HUD has offered multiple "Non-Profit Only" pools across the country. "Non-Profit Only" pools are now a standard feature in HUD’s HECM and NSO offerings.

In 2015, Mr. Carroll co-authored a proposal to HUD to create a "Direct Buy" relationship between HUD, a non-profit, and a government entity to acquire $50,000,000 of non-performing residential loans. The purpose of this proposal was to ensure more non-performing assets were placed in the good care of non-profit organizations (without having to compete directly with the larger hedge funds) and thereby increasing positive outcomes for underwater borrowers. In January 2016, HUD approved this "Direct Buy" proposal for the states of California and Florida.

Mr. Carroll has spent the last 15 years developing programs that not only impact local communities but are also worthwhile investments for capital. Carroll believes that a necessary element of any good and meaningful program is its ability to sustain itself.

Mr. Carroll holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Texas A&M University. He has had German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP's) his entire life and currently has one family GSP.

Brian Campbell

Vice President of Project & Construction Management

Brian Campbell serves as the Vice President of Project and Construction Management for the Company. In this role, Mr. Campbell is responsible for the on-site project and construction management of the company’s redevelopment projects and income producing portfolio. Mr. Campbell oversees property renovations, making sure projects stay on time and on budget. Brian grew up in a construction family working for his Uncle’s construction company throughout highschool and college. Brian is a baseball fanatic and spent time playing in the minor leagues and coaching college baseball. Brian lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his wife and two daughters.

Jon Havey

Vice President of Property Management & Development

Jon Havey serves as the Company’s Vice President of Property Management and Development. In this role, Mr. Havey oversees the entire home rental process from application through move-in, making sure that prospective tenants get into their new homes as quickly as possible. In addition, Mr. Havey is responsible for maintaining key relationships with real estate professionals, local government agencies, public utility companies and service providers, along with directing GSP’s subsidized rental business.

Mr. Havey brings many years of diverse experience as a real estate investor and business owner to GSP. As an owner of student housing around Temple University for 9 years, Mr. Havey honed his skills in all aspects of rental property investing, including identifying and acquiring properties, managing the building and renovation process, working with financial institutions, real estate agents and service professionals, and overseeing the property management of the portfolio. Prior to that, Mr. Havey spent 7 years as a partner in a group that owned and operated self-storage facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Company Mascot

Bodhi serves as the company’s mascot and inspiration for our name and logo. Bodhi is one of Mr. Lockhart’s two family German Shorthaired Pointers. He is always full of energy and loves people. When Bodhi is not representing the company he enjoys long walks, playing with his favorite toys and taking naps.