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Who We Are

Experienced Real Estate Managers

We are a diversified real estate investment company based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Our current investment strategy focuses on acquiring, redeveloping, and managing workforce and affordable housing rentals. Our team consists of seasoned asset managers who are dedicated to keeping our projects on time and on budget while delivering high quality rental homes.

Our investment philosophy is simple: We focus on earning a high rate of return for our investors with as little risk as possible. This is achieved by our vertically integrated structure and experienced management team. We are constantly innovating within the industry and staying ahead of market trends allowing us to capitalize in many economic environments.

Management Team

What We Do

Vertically Integrated Operators

We acquire scattered site Single Family Rentals and Real Estate Backed Assets (Non-performing 1st Mortgages) in growing areas with an under supply of workforce and affordable housing. We purchase individual properties and portfolios at below market value through our relationships with Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSE’s), experienced local real estate professionals and financial institutions.

We are able to earn a high rate of return on invested capital by redeveloping the properties through our in-house, all-in-one asset management; which includes project, construction, property and capital management and loss mitigation. We maintain full control of the entire redevelopment cycle from acquisition to property management, allowing us to minimize risk, reduce cost, and control timelines.

Raising Capital

Raising Capital

Acquiring Assets

Acquiring Assets

Executing Effectively

Executing Effectively


Current Fund Offerings

Primary Assets Type(s)
Residential Rentals
Minimum Investment
$25,000 ($1k per share)
1 Year Term

Fixed Return    | Distributions

9% per annum | Monthly or Compounding (9.38%)

3 Year Term

Fixed Return      | Distributions

10% per annum | Monthly or Compounding (11.6%)

5 Year Term

Fixed Return      | Distributions

12% per annum  | Monthly or Compounding (16.33%)

  • Financial Statements provided quarterly
  • Financial Review Calls with Management held quarterly
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