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Real Estate Investing On Point is a weekly podcast for real estate investors looking to take their real estate investing business to the next level! Whether you’re a passive or active investor, accredited or non-accredited, buying your first property or scaling your existing portfolio, our podcast is here to support you in achieving your goals.

Join the GSP REI Managing Partners Ron Lockhart, Peter Neill, and Wade Carroll each week to explore a range of topics and strategies relevant to the dynamic and diverse single-family real estate investment market. We dive deep into the essential aspects of successful real estate investing while engaging in insightful conversations and sharing real-life experiences.

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Real Estate Investing On Point is more than a podcast; it’s a thriving community of real estate investors with a shared goal of learning from and sharing with one another. Join us virtually each month to interact with us directly, get your questions answered, and grow your net worth through your network!

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