Why do investors invest with GSP REI?

Investors always ask me Why should I invest with GSP REI?”

There are 4 Main Reasons our investors choose to invest with us: Our Strategy, People, Impact, and Returns.

Our Strategy

Single Family Affordable Rental Housing is in extremely high demand, and the supply is extremely low. Through our various acquisition channels, we can source heavily discounted properties. After purchasing, our in-house construction team quickly goes to work redeveloping the properties. We collaborate with experienced leasing agents to lease our homes to qualified tenants. A large portion of our rental income is subsidized by the Federal Government, providing consistent and predictable cash flow, even during recessions. After leasing the properties, our in-house property management team proactively manages them, responding quickly to any necessary maintenance requests to provide our tenants with a great rental experience while protecting our assets.

Our People

Our greatest strength is our in-house construction and property management. Our Management Team brings over 80 years of combined real estate experience to the company. The Managing Partners Ron Lockhart, Peter Neill, and Wade Carroll pride themselves on being accessible and providing a high level of communication and transparency through our Quarterly Financial Reports, Portfolio Reviews, and Progress Calls. Ron brings over 20 years of general contracting, construction management, and building experience to the company. Peter brings over 9 years of capital raising, fund structuring, and fund management experience to the company. Wade brings over 20 years of residential and commercial real estate investing experience to the company including acquiring, rehabbing, financing, leasing, and managing 700 single family homes. Our in-house construction and property management team is over 20 experienced professionals strong.

Our Impact

When you invest in GSP REI you profit with a greater purpose! Investing in single family affordable housing has a significant and positive impact on individuals, communities, and the broader housing market. It addresses the pressing need for accessible housing, providing stability and security for tenants. Affordable housing investments contribute to community development and boost the local economy. Studies show these investments stabilize the housing market and offer long-term sustainability. They create a more equitable society, vibrant neighborhoods, and a brighter future for all.

Our Returns

Our fund offerings provide superior returns for both long-term and short-term investors. Whether you’re seeking a fixed-rate, fixed-term Income Fund structure with monthly payments and compounding options, or a longer-term Growth Fund structure with consistent payments, upside potential, and tax-advantaged returns, we have offerings to meet your specific investing goals. For more information on our current 506(c) fund offerings, please follow this link: https://gsprei.com/current-offerings/