This episode with Peter Neill explores the factors that make single-family and affordable housing powerful in the present real estate and economic situation. He clearly explains the need for providing high-quality yet cut-rate homes while giving value to investors, the significance of having communication skills in raising money, and his extensive knowledge of the housing market.
Grasp a different approach to leveraging the potential of single-family investing by diving into this conversation!
Key Points & Relevant Topics
•How Peter got introduced into the real estate space, his roles in the past, and his journey to building partnerships
•What it’s like to raise capital for a company
•Attributes and abilities of a successful capital raiser
•The importance of establishing proper communication and setting expectations with investors
•How real estate investing has changed over the years in terms of resources, options, and communication
•The current demand and state of single-family and Section 8 Housing
•Why it makes sense to invest in affordable housing in today’s market
•Ways to evaluate the market and housing supply and demand
•The value of having patience, giving value, and asking for other people’s help in real estate