In this episode, we sit down with Peter Neill and Ron Lockhart, the Co-Founders and Managing Partners of GSP REI, a distinguished real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of single-family affordable and workforce rental housing. Ron Lockhart brings over two decades of invaluable expertise in real estate investing and construction management. He orchestrates strategic planning and oversees the company’s vision, skillfully managing the rental property strategy, inclusive of in-house construction and property management teams. Peter Neill, boasting nine years of profound experience in real estate investing and capital raising, actively contributes to the company’s management and diverse fund offerings. His primary role revolves around meeting the company’s capital raising objectives through effective marketing and communication of private fund offerings, while nurturing pivotal relationships with investors. In our engaging discussion, we delve into various riveting topics: Investing in Affordable and Workforce Housing: Exploring strategies tailored to provide affordable housing solutions for lower and middle-income individuals and families. Single-Family Rental Housing – A Strategic Investment: Understanding the dynamics and advantages of investing in single-family rental homes. Effective Real Estate Investment Strategies: Scaling up portfolios and achieving success in the realm of real estate investment. Impact Investing in Real Estate: Unveiling the future prospects of real estate investing, considering its impact on communities and society. Private Fund Offerings and Investor Relations: Insights into raising capital through private fund offerings and fostering strong relationships with investors. Join us as we uncover the intricacies and opportunities in real estate investing with Peter Neill and Ron Lockhart, sharing their wealth of experience and knowledge to enrich your understanding of the industry!