March 2023: Our Track Record


  • Founded in 2019: Consistent Fixed Returns Paid Since Inception
  • 3 Active Funds: Two Real Property Funds for Accredited Investors, One 1st Mortgage Fund with our Institutional Partner
  • $42MM+ Combined Assets Under Management: $15MM in Real Property, $27MM in 1st Mortgages
  • 320+ Rentals and Loans Actively being Managed: 100 Rental Properties, 220 1st mortgages
  • $157MM+ in Institutional and Private Capital Committed/Invested: $150MM from our institutional partner and $7MM from private investors
  • Portfolio is Diversified throughout 40+ States: Rentals focus on 3 states MD, PA, and NJ, 1st Mortgages throughout 40+
These numbers represent the combined Real Estate and Real Estate Backed Portfolios actively being managed by the GSP REI Management Team as of 3/1/2023.


Founded in 2019, GSP REI has quickly gained traction in the single family affordable and workforce housing real estate investment industry. With our proven track record of delivering consistent promised returns since inception, we have successfully attracted investors and grown our holdings. We take pride in providing our communities and tenants with exceptional rentals and property management while offering our investors fund offerings that cater to their unique needs. Our two real property funds are available to accredited investors, providing them with access to carefully curated real estate investment opportunities in the affordable and workforce rental housing sector, with attractive, consistent returns, equity growth, and tax advantages. Our third fund is an exclusive partnership with our institutional partner, with a focus on acquiring non-performing first mortgages from government service entities.

With over $42 million in combined real estate and real estate backed assets under management, our portfolio has grown significantly over the past few years. We have successfully managed a diverse range of investments, including $15 million in real property assets and $27 million in first mortgages. Our team of experienced investment managers actively oversees a portfolio of more than 320 rentals and loans, including 100 rental properties and 220 first mortgages. Our vertically integrated operations including in-house construction and property management ensures that our investors’ capital is strategically deployed and aggressively managed, to maximize returns and mitigate risks.

Our success is further evidenced by the significant institutional and private capital commitments and investments we have received, totaling over $157 million. Our institutional partner has committed $150 million to our loan fund, a testament to their confidence in our investment strategies and management approach. Additionally, we have raised over $7 million from private accredited investors who trust our expertise in generating attractive returns.

One of our key strengths is our portfolio diversification, which currently spans across over forty states in the U.S. While we focus on managing rentals in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, areas where we have extensive relationships, including local, in-house boots on the grown which allows us to maintain full control over the acquisitions, redevelopment, leasing, and managing process. Our 1st mortgage investments are spread throughout over forty states, providing geographical diversification and risk mitigation.

Our management team comprises highly experienced professionals with a collective experience of over 60 years in the investment management and real estate industry. Their expertise in identifying lucrative investment opportunities, implementing effective risk management strategies, and delivering consistent returns has been instrumental in our success as an investment management firm.

In summary, our company has rapidly established itself as a trusted player in the single family affordable and workforce rental space. With a proven track record of value creation, consistent returns, a diverse portfolio of assets under management, significant institutional and private capital commitments, and a seasoned management team, we are well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional value to our investors.

For questions about our company, strategy, or current fund offerings please reach out to Co-Founder & Partner, Peter Neill.

Phone: 610-357-2330 (Call or Text)