“The Best Strategy I’m Investing In”

I recently had a conversation with one of my most experienced investors, who is actively involved in over 60 syndications and partnerships and has many years of investing under his belt. We discussed the economy and the various assets and strategies he’s currently focused on, including private lending, residential housing development, and apartment investments.

When I asked him about his top investment strategy, he told me that our strategy is the best one he’s currently investing in. This feedback was incredibly meaningful to me. He emphasized the high demand for workforce and affordable housing, praised our track record and extensive experience, and highlighted our vertically integrated operations. Additionally, he mentioned that even in the event of an economic downturn, he has the most confidence in our strategy due to the consistent demand for these types of properties during such times.

What types of properties do we buy?

We focus on distressed and value-add scattered-site single-family homes with 2-4 bedrooms. These properties are highly sought after for both rental and sale, giving us the flexibility to either hold them as long-term income-producing rentals or sell them for a quick profit.

Our specialty is workforce and affordable housing, also known as low and middle-income housing. Low-income housing often comes with Section 8 subsidies, ensuring consistent and predictable cash flow.

Typically, property values are below $220,000, and we invest around $100,000 to $150,000 into each property for purchase and renovation. This approach allows us to diversify across numerous properties, enhancing our portfolio’s stability and potential for exceptional returns.

Let’s have a conversation.

I absolutely love what we do! We don’t just transform properties; we transform communities and the lives of our tenants and investors. Every day I thank God for the opportunity to work with so many amazing investors, tenants, and team members.

I’d love to share more about our mission, our strategies, and how you can make our strategy your best strategy!


Peter Neill, Co-Founder and Partner